COVID-19: One Year Ago Vs. Today

As we near the anniversary of our last day of school in 2020, I think all of us can agree that the last year has been absolutely insane. It almost feels surreal when you put all of these changes into perspective; our everyday lives completely transformed in the blink of an eye. 

March 13, 2020, was the very last day of school for the majority of American students, so although it wasn’t quite a year ago, I will be using that date to compare. 

Let’s take a look at the amount of cases and deaths first. 

                COVID CASES IN THE USA

Compared to a year ago, the cases rose up 1715560%. The deaths rose 1248680%. That’s a pretty large difference.

As you can also see, a year ago the case-fatality ratio was around 2.46%. Today, it is around 1.80% based on my calculations. These percentages may not seem like high numbers, but you have to look back at the 512,000 to truly understand the impact. 

As we watched the virus spread, there were thousands of questions. One that was asked frequently was why it spread so fast. 

The answer? Coronavirus happens to be a very contagious disease Therefore, when big groups of people are close to each other without protection, the chances of it being passed onto one another are very high. This is a very perfect example of exponential growth, a math equation that explains why numbers can grow so fast. 

  Gary Warshaw and SignerLab

This number is constantly growing because of the amount of people still not using masks (which, according to the CDC, provide good protection when worn by everyone) or social distancing. This also happens when people start hanging out while being asymptomatic (having/carrying the virus without symptoms). 

Another reason why the numbers have jumped so high in the last year is because some world leaders were clueless about how to keep coronavirus from spreading.

Some, for example U.S President Donald Trump and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, may have waited a bit too long to put mask mandates in place or close schools.

The first COVID-19 case in the United States was on January 21, but most schools weren’t closed until March 13. When a disease like this is spreading, it should be treated like an emergency and handled accordingly. 

Unfortunately, we as a world have lost millions of people. If we knew about the virus sooner and understood the severity of it earlier on, I’m sure things would be a lot different. We can all only hope that this pandemic has decreased the chances of mistakes regarding mass diseases happening in the future.

This past year has given us time to reflect on who we are, grow as people and learn more about the world. It’s been tragic but incredible all at the same time. Hopefully everything can go back to normal soon. 

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