Hybrid Learning Experience

Hybrid learning is a way of combining traditional classroom experiences with a digital course to learn each objective. 

During the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, hybrid learning has been widely introduced as an alternative to in person learning. 

Over the past year, students participating in hybrid learning faced many challenges. Challenges include technical issues, distractions and time management, staying motivated, and understanding course expectations.

 This led to lack of participation and lower grades on many assignments. 

The mix of in-person instruction and online instruction varies from school to school. Many students chose to learn entirely in-person or entirely online this year. 

 For those students who do choose the hybrid model, they spend a couple days a week at school and the rest of the week at home. As the year progressed, hybrid learning became more familiar and easy to work with. 

Hybrid learning today has a wide range of reactions. Parents and students are grateful that schools found ways to bring their children to school again while taking COVID-19 precautions.

And some protest against it, afraid of putting their children at risk. 

Students also have different reactions when it comes to hybrid learning. Some find it stressful to work for long hours at home in front of a screen, while others focus better under these conditions. 

Students also explained that over the progression of hybrid learning, it has become more organized and helpful with study groups, tutoring, and break out sessions. 

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