Freshman Student Council Elections

Elections are always an important part of the start of the year, but in this case, the freshmen got selected right in the middle of this school year.

Since the pandemic, everything has changed, especially school. This has also affected other parts of school, including the way Student Council elections are being run this year. 

Melissa Pearce, the Student Council’s Adviser, says that the Student Council waited for the second semester because they knew that our student body had many transitions and changes at the beginning of the year to navigate including, “switching from virtual to hybrid and back again, and so on and so on.” She also says that even though the election was modified from normal years, it was still successful. 

The roles this year are, for the most part, the same as usual, but two freshmen ran for vice president, and no one ran for president. Because of that, the Student Council advisers offered both students the position of co-president, which they both accepted.

The two co-presidents are Anthony Posada and Cooper Van Roekel. The events coordinator is Olivia Labella. The historian is Cooper Thomas. The communications officer is Abby Davis. There are four representatives, Adrianna Vigil, Morgan Houston, Rylee Gupton and Summer Gray. 

Anthony Posada ran for the vice president position, and he ended up as co-president of the freshman class.

“I used social media as a campaign platform, specifically Instagram and Snapchat,” Posada said.

This is an example of how the elections were different this year because usually students could campaign on campus, and now they have to use different platforms to get their names out, one of the main resources being social media.

When asked how he thinks the election would have gone if not for the pandemic, Posada said, “I feel like more people would have participated in running for office.”

There were fewer people running for offices, so now Posada is the co-president with another student, Cooper Van Roekel. Ultimately, Posada thinks that the election went well, and he is grateful to have participated in the experience. 

This year’s freshmen will definitely have a different experience compared to the freshmen in Student Council prior to the pandemic, but they are making the most of what they can. 

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