TV Shows & Movies People Got into Over Quarantine

Quarantine has affected all of our lives, shutting down the whole world. Keeping busy has probably been difficult with nowhere to go and nothing to do. To stay busy, many people have been watching different TV shows.

During quarantine, many networks and production companies came out with many shows and movies to keep us busy. A survey given to students asking what their favorite shows were and what they preferred to watch over quarantine. While there was a multitude of different shows with different genres to choose from like action/adventure, drama and mystery, here are the top shows that most students picked: “Euphoria” and “Grand Army.”

“Euphoria” is an HBO series that came out in June of 2019. This show is about how “A group of high school students navigate love and friendship in a world of drugs, sex, trauma, and social media,” says HBO.

Many teenagers have watched and related to “Euphoria” and think it’s groundbreaking to view these hard-to-talk-about topics. Even though it came out in the summer of 2019, it only really got popular during the time of quarantine. This also led to the show accidentally starting multiple trends on social media apps such as Tiktok and Instagram.

“Grand Army” has also been one of the favorite shows to binge-watch. It talks about the endeavor of being in the lower class, racism, and bias in the school system as well as the over-sexualization of women and what they wear to school.

It “Demonstrates the Devastating Effects And Harsh Realities Of Rape Culture,” says Velika Yasay.

This show has attracted mostly teenagers and has also brought attention to many issues that high schoolers face, as it focuses on sexual assault and the traumatic circumstances and events that follow.  

Most of these shows convey how the teenage mind works and the complexity of being a high schooler in the present. These shows convey the all-around struggles and triumphs of teenagers throughout their lives, while almost glamorizing the whole experience, making these shows difficult yet very interesting to watch. In any case, both of these shows got extremely high ratings and were binged for fun during this hard time. 

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