Sea Shanties for Land Lubbers

Sea Shanties: What are they?

Since the age of exploration, sea shanties have been popular among sailors who have long trips ahead, or those who are looking for a melancholic journey. There are many types of sea shanties, ranging from upbeat tunes to a more mellow bellow. But sailors and pirates aren’t the only ones who are allowed to sing and listen to these songs…

How They Fit in to The Modern Day

With the Covid-19 lockdowns in full swing again, many people are turning to sea shanties to get them through it. Whether it be singalongs in their car or a small gathering in their home, shanties are keeping spirits high and voices raised too. Many popular TikTok videos showcase groups of friends singing to “Wellerman,” which has become the most played shanty in recent times in only a few days.

(Can you blame them? It’s catchy…)

That really is all there is to it. In the times of warships and sailing boats, sea shanties were used to keep morale high. Now, in the time of staying inside and going out once every two weeks, they make their resurgence in popular culture.

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