“Doom Eternal” Review

“Doom Eternal” is a high action first person shooter (FPS) where players raise Hell killing demons who are trying to take over earth, and you, the Doom Slayer, is the only one who can stop the invasion of earth.

“Doom Eternal” was released on March 20, 2020, and will come to the Playstation 5 and Series X on December 8. “Doom Eternal” also has a new feature called battle mode where there is one slayer against two demons. The demons are controllable in this game mode along with the slayer, and you’re able to pick any demon you want.

“Doom Eternal” has a campaign of 20 hours and 13 levels of pure adrenaline and fast paced ripping and tearing. The game is about the slayer trying to prevent earth from being consumed by demons, so he hunts down the three Hell priests. After that, you chase after the Khan maker, where she is holding the icon of sin, and you interrupt the ritual releasing the icon of sin. You fight the Khan maker, defeating her, and now you have to make it to earth fast because the longer the icon of sin stays on earth, the more powerful he becomes, and you destroy the icon of sin and ultimately save earth from being destroyed. 

“Doom Eternal” also has a DLC called “Ancient Gods.” If you enjoyed the main story, you can enter a new experience of “Doom.” “Ancient Gods” is a two part DLC, and part one is already out. It is roughly seven hours, with more enemies, which means more chances to rip and tear, and it only has three levels, but they are filled with powerful demons. There is a definite part two on the way, so that way you can continue your campaign against Hell.

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