NCHSAA Indoor Highschool mask rule

As you may know indoor sports such as volleyball have officially started. According to the NCHSAA there is now a new rule set in place for sports teams that compete in gyms. Fans and other people in the stands won’t be the only one wearing masks this season.

Although most coaches made their players wear masks during non aerobic activities anyways, the NCHSAA has now made it mandatory the players keep on their masks even during competitions as well. This rule is mainly directed at volleyball. The mask mandate not only affects the players but any person that is indoor and participating in the skill must wear a mask. This includes the coaches and staff support.

No this decision was not just made by the NCHSAA itself. The Sports Medicine Committee and DHHS doctors were also major influences on making the new mask rule. The number of people allowed in the practice space and at competitions/gatherings is also very limited. In fact according to Start News Online, North Carolina’s Governor Roy Cooper just changed his decision on Tuesday about the number of people allowed at these gatherings and practices. It went from 25 people to 10 for indoors and 100 for outdoors, and yes even fans of outside sports have to wear their masks too.

With this drastic coronavirus surge across the United States North Carolina was definitely hit hard. The NCHSAA is just doing what they think is going to help protect all of these athletes, coaches, and their families. We should wish all volleyball players this season good luck, and hope that this new rule does not affect their work ethic and how well they perform.

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