Disney’s Mask Reviews

Disney came out with new masks. On this page, I will be reviewing the masks.

Holiday Mickey Mouse Masks – $11.99 

The plaid on Mask 1 fits the color scheme of Mickey Mouse. This mask matches with the Holiday Season. 

On the other mask, I am fond of the designs. The red color perfectly represents the Christmas holiday and is a good suitor for any child. The designs are placed randomly, making it seem more childlike. I think any child would want this mask.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Masks – $11.99

I am loving the candy cane stripes in the background of the mask. The Minnie Mouse replacing the ‘O’ in ‘Joy’ is perfect. If you just add a candy cane designed Christmas sweater, the outfit would be phenomenal.

The second mask is divine. The typical “ugly Christmas sweater” is made into a fun, beautiful design. They added their touch with the mickey mouses in Santa hats. The red border around the mask makes it stand out a bit more and cleans up the designs. 

Walt Disney Mask and Disneyland Mask – $12.99

It’s a nice mask, but extraordinarily basic. Compared to the other masks, this is just lazy. The fact that they are marketing this at a higher price than the rest makes it a complete rip-off. It’s nice to have something plain sometimes, but this just doesn’t live up to the “happiest place on earth” motto. 

This speaks for both masks. I mean, could you even tell the difference? I had to look twice to realize that the design wasn’t the same.

The Nightmare Before Christmas – $11.99

The first mask seems basic. I understand that they’re doing the theme of ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ but, it just seems to be patchy. I know they were going for that but there are many other TNMBC designs they should’ve done.

The second mask has to be on my top list. They paid extreme attention to detail on this one. The shadows they add make some parts of the tuxedo look three-dimensional which is amazing because they are working with a black background. This means that adding the correct shadows and lighting would be a lot more difficult. They managed to pull this off without making the mask seem dull. I would wear this, and your child would too.

Ariel and Tiana Masks – $11.99

The Ariel mask seems motivating. Especially towards children who look up to Disney Princesses. This mask lets little girls and boys show off their imagination. 

I am very disappointed with the Tiana mask. The mask colors are tremendously dull,

making it look like it has been washed too many times. The mask definitely does not appeal to the eye. The worst part is that you can barely even see Tiana. I had to squint just to see the silhouette. The princess should be the focus of attention in these masks and this just didn’t live up to that expectation.

Mickey and Minnie Food Icons Masks – $11.99

The first mask is exactly what I like. Although it is basic, it’s just the right amount. The yellow adds a happy, childish color while the little popsicles add the cuteness. Unlike those horrendous “Disneyland Masks”, this is something that kids should wear in public. Since the mask is pretty basic, you can match it up with any outfit you’d like.

The second mask seems to be a little bit too extra. The mask would be better off without the “Certified Snack Tester” (Red circle in the bottom left corner). Overall, it’s a good mask.

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