Good Things Coming out of the Pandemic

Although a lot of bad things have happened this year of 2020 and this pandemic, a lot of good and positive things can also come out of this year.

This pandemic has impacted people worldwide and even changed work routines for others. Many people have learned to work from home while being with their kids and families at home.

Students have learned to attend school from their computers at home. It has prepared people for even bigger situations or other pandemics. People have learned to appreciate their families and their losses due to the pandemic, and all the workers and stores and places that closed during this pandemic.

People have been more in touch with their friends and family. Some people have had ordered schedules and routines that helped them stay organized and help with work and families and daily tasks and have had more community spirit.

Some people also claim that they have gotten better sleep during this pandemic, while others claim they get less sleep and have a whole different sleeping schedule.

With everyone in their homes more there has been less pollution leading to healthier air and clearer waterways where creatures in the water have been healthier and better. 

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