Taiwan Beats Covid-19

The deadly coronavirus is still going around, but in the country of Taiwan the pandemic actually doesn’t even exist at all really.

In the country Taiwan, they have gone 200 plus days free of anyone infected with the virus. The last time someone came down with the virus was on April 12, which happened to be Easter Sunday.

Taiwan has never had any strict rules or lockdown. In the beginning stages of Covid-19, everyone was instructed to wear a mask and to stay six feet apart. Taiwan wanted to focus on speed, meaning they put a stop on the coronavirus spread, so everyone did what they were instructed to do, and it put a stop to the spread of Covid-19.

The spread of the coronavirus had also slowed in Taiwan because when the virus first came about, they stopped flights from coming into the country, and if anyone took a trip to Wuhan they would do screening on that person.

Taiwan has been doing well for a while, and hopefully, the US can follow in its footsteps and beat Covid-19 as well.

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