Early Voting in North Carolina

The election is coming up quicker than we think, and people are already getting out the vote through in-person early voting and  mail-in voting. 

Early in-person voting started October 15, and it will end October 31. Social distancing will be going on during this, and there will be barriers between voters and the election workers to make sure that everyone stays safe.

Here are some tips to stay safe during all of this:

  • Voters are encouraged to wear their mask when participating in the voting process.
  • Voters who are voting by mail can send in their completed ballot into the election official to an early voting site in their specific county.
  • To avoid the big crowd, the busiest days are the first and last days of early voting. It’s best to go right in the middle of all this. 
  • North Carolina asks that you do not have any sort of videotaping or photographing device during the time of voting. 
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