Police Brutality in Nigeria

Nigeria, a country in Africa, has been facing nationwide protests beginning on October 8, 2020, in response to seemingly police brutality. They have tried to get the authorities to put an end to the police unit known as SARS, the Special Anti-Robbery Squad. A video on social media of a SARS police officer supposedly shooting a man in Delta state went viral, igniting these nationwide protests. 

SARS was established to fight serious crimes such as armed robbery, but now it has allegedly using its resources to abuse human rights. According to Native Nigerians, they believe that SARS officers tend to target young people, more specifically those with features like tattoos, dreadlocks and much more. 

The government made an announcement to Nigeria that the SARS police officer unit would be broken up, but people apart of the unit would be moved to other police units. Although there has been nothing done to prove SARS officers’ past brutality toward people, there will be psychological tests done to its members and a new unit made in its place.

All of this happening in Nigeria significantly relates to the things that have currently been happening in the United States. For example, for the past few months, the United States experienced nationwide protests following the movement Black Lives Matter. The people who are leading and following these protests believe that Black lives face a critical and disproportionate amount of police brutality, and they are protesting for that reason, and asking the authorities such as the government to abolish or defund the police.


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