Lana Del Rey Wears A Mesh Mask at Book Signing

Elizabeth Woolridge Grant, also known as Lana Del Rey, is a 35-year-old pop-star who was at a book signing for fans in Los Angeles.

In the Barnes & Noble store, she appeared to be wearing a glittery mesh mask that seemed to have no fabric covering her mouth. Due to her wearing the mask, she got criticized for it by most of her fans with some Twitter users saying, “I’m a huge fan of Lana, but this was a spectacularly poor choice.”

“Lana Del Rey is really wearing this mask at Barnes & Nobles during a pandemic & none of y’all want to criticize her??”

A tweet from Pop Crave said, “Lana Del Rey meets with fans at surprise book signing event for her collection of poetry, #VBBOTG, in LA.” to inform fans of her signing. 

On her Instagram story, Del Ray posted videos of her actually wearing the mask. Many fans posted photos and videos of her wearing it as well to show that it was not fake. The backlash that she has received from it is overwhelming, as some people went to the point where they no longer are fans of her. 

California is one of several states experiencing a rise in cases of covid-19.

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