A Call For Ceasefire: Nagorno-Karabakh


Since late September, Azerbaijan and Armenia have been in an armed conflict over the region of Nagorno-Karabakh, which is home to an Armenian majority in Azerbaijan. It has been controlled by Armenian soldiers and its own autonomous government since the 1990’s. Azerbaijan does not recognize the region’s autonomy, and is still bitter over their loss in the first war over the region. In recent weeks, the conflict has turned from a local issue to a regional proxy war of sorts. Turkey stands unwavering behind Azerbaijan, and Russia supports Armenia for strategic reasons. Russia has called for a ceasefire in the region, and this was followed up by the United States and France, among others.


On October 10, a Russian backed ceasefire was put into place as the death count increased rapidly. Not minutes after the ceasefire was put into place, fighting started back up. Both countries accused the other of breaking the truce. On Tuesday, October 13, a harder enforced Russian backed ceasefire has been “greatly urged” upon the two countries. The fighting has not just taken place in Nagorno-Karabakh, but along the actual border of Azerbaijan and Armenia as well. The Azeri city of Ganja has been hit hard with shelling, and Armenian border forces have been hit with suicide drones and Turkish air support on behalf of Azerbaijan. More than 60 civilians have been killed in the fighting, even in areas that are not directly related to the fighting itself. Peace talks may be developed in the coming weeks, as Russia and Armenia have been in close contact. Whether this peace comes from Russian interference, or diplomatic talks, has yet to be decided.

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