“Minecraft” Updates with Caves and Cliffs

The recent news about “Minecraft’s” Caves and Cliffs Update has players going crazy.

Recently, during Minecon Live 2020, Mojang announced the “Caves” and “Cliffs” update that players have been begging for. The update will be coming to “Minecraft” in Summer 2021 with new mobs and items.

What exactly will the update bring? So far we know that there will be new mobs, the Warden, and the Goat. The Warden is a blind but hostile creature that lives deep in the dark of the cave. The update will also bring stalagmites, stalactites, glowberry leafy vines, sculk sensor, copper ore, and other items. Each item will be found in a different cave types.

It won’t just be “Caves” that will be updated, it’s also “Cliffs.” Not much is known about what will be added to “Cliffs,” but we do know that the goat can be found there. We can only assume that some items coming to the “Caves” will also be added to “Cliffs.”

During Minecon Live, Mojang has said the update has taken a lot of time and it still needs to be worked on, so we won’t be getting a holiday update this year like usual. Even if the wait is long, it will be worth it.

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