CvHS Hosts Virtual Spirit Week

This school year, we are learning virtually because of the fatal virus Covid-19.

Usually, around this time of the school year, we would have a spirit week (at school), and everything dealing with homecoming, including students campaigning to vote for their class homecoming court. At the end of the week, there is usually a homecoming football game.

Due to the virus none of this is happening, so what better way to feel like you’re at school when not being at school? Student Council has come up with a great idea to have a Virtual Spirit Week.

Virtual Spirit Week is called “Cleveland Magic,” and each day is all concentrated on Disney, and everything Disney themed.

Monday’s theme was “Monster University Monday,” which was a day to represent your favorite college.

Tuesday’s theme was “2000’s Tuesday.” This day consisted of dressing up as a character from your favorite TV show or movie that you had watched back in the day.

Wednesday’s theme is “Wonderful World of Wednesday.” On this day, you dress up as your favorite princess, prince, villain or any sort of classic Disney character that is your personal favorite.

Thursday’s theme is “Epic Thursday.” On this day, you dress up as an epic “Star Wars,” Marvel, or sci-fi Disney character.

Friday is “High School Musical Friday,” and on the last day, you show Cleveland pride and spirit.

All of these activities have some sort of challenge to them like the Amazing Selfie Race, where you can also win prizes by tagging the CvHS Student Council social media (@cvhssca) to show off what you have done on that day.

Student Council is more concerned with monitoring participation and engagement than competition.

“Well, we aren’t trying to keep up with it really. We are looking to see what level of participation we have, so we might poll students after the week is over to see what other things they might be interested in. We may be able to gauge dress up days or something that way.  We know we had just under 50 people for the Disney Trivia on Monday. With that being the first online Trivia game we’ve ever hosted and being in the middle of virtual learning, we were pleased with that participation, not having a clue how many people would sign up and join in,” Executive Student Council Adviser Melissa Pearce said. 

Junior class President Kari Brown said, “We wanted to do something to bring the student body together during what was supposed to be our homecoming week.”

”The goal of the spirit week is to realize that we are united and can get through this tough time,” Brown said.

So even though we may not be at school having an actual spirit week, let’s make the best out of our first virtual spirit week.

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