“VRChat” Game Review

If you have never made friends online, I would recommend “VRChat.”

“VRChat” is a free virtual reality game where people from all over the world get together and have fun. Whether you’re on PC or in a VR headset, you can still have fun with everyone. There are different rooms and avatars and all kinds of unique usernames. “VRChat” is also a platform to create avatars and rooms and use your imagination.

“VRChat” was launched in 2017, but it wasn’t until 2018 that the game really grew in players. With the outbreak of the Coronavirus, players are getting online more and more.

Road to VR said, “On April 13th, VRChat hit its highest usership since its big viral spike back in 2018, reaching just over 16,000 concurrent Steam users.”

“VRChat” is very popular on a streaming website called Twitch, with hundreds of streams and thousands of viewers. The streams are what also got people into playing the game.

Is “VRChat” really that interesting of a game? Well, I have played the game myself, and I can tell you it is quite interesting. There are people with all kinds of personalities.

“VRChat” isn’t really a game kids should play on since the people are older. The game also has something for everyone. Whether you like chill areas, or somewhere you can be loud in and have fun, there’s always something for you.

“VRChat” is continuing to grow popular everyday, gaining new players and starting new adventures for everyone.

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