Covid Parties

During the coronavirus pandemic, there have been many reports about parties called “covid parties.”

In Massachusetts teenagers threw a party during the outbreak. The parents and teen who threw the party have been charged with violating the state’s social host law. The social host law is states anyone (adult or minor) who buys alcohol or drugs that are they are served at a party can be charged. 

Police chief Scott Nix told NBC News that under the law ¨whoever furnishes alcohol” to underage drinkers can face a fine up to $2,000 and imprisonment for up to a year, or they could also face up to both penalties.

The adults and their child were charged with misdemeanor. There was no one who tested positive for covid-19, but the city will delay face-to-face learning because of this party. The high school was going to open on September 15 with the combination of in-person and virtual learning, but after the news of the party, they are going to wait 14 days until they open the school again.

On September 12 there was a press release in the town of Sudbury, Massachusetts reporting police broke up a party of approximately 50-60 students. In the report, many of the students fled or gave false information. The police reported that the students were not wearing masks and not practicing social distancing. There was no one who tested positive, but the lack of information the police got led the school board and the health department to think that it would be risky to put the students back into in person learning.

In Texas, a 30 year old man passed away after he attended a “covid party.” He tested positive for covid-19.

A source told Fox News, ¨This is a party held by somebody diagnosed with the COVID virus and the thought people get together to see if  the virus was real and if anyone can get infected.”

Earlier in that month, government officials reported similar incidents in Tuscaloosa, AL, where college students there held “covid parties” where cash prizes were being offered. The attendees put money in a pot that would be awarded for the first person to get infected with the virus.

Editor’s note: The world reached the grim milestone of 1 million documented coronavirus deaths on September 28. To date, N.C. State University, UNC-Chapel Hill, and East Carolina University have all transitioned to online learning because of coronavirus outbreaks.

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