Faceless Paintings

Faceless paintings, paintings that show people without faces, have been a trend for a while, and many people do not know why they have no face or head.

A reason why paintings may have no face or a head could be because the artist wants to keep the identity of the person hidden, but there is a deeper meaning behind the works.

Gideon Rubin is a contemporary Israeli artist who has done paintings with no faces or heads. He is the grandson of another contemporary Israeli artist named Reuven Rubin. One reason Gideon paints like that is because he feels it is interesting to change the way we see paintings. He says, “We ‘read’ each other and any human portrait, by first and foremost our facial features and then everything else.” 

Paintings can have many different meanings depending on the viewer and what they think. One person may think that the person does not want to be revealed, but another may think that it describes someone not feeling themselves and being depressed. Painting is another way to show the way one thinks or feels, so the real meaning of paintings are determined by the artist. 

Viewers of faceless paintings can determine the meanings of the paintings themselves. Faceless paintings can show a sense of mystery, lack of identity, or a feeling of sadness.

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