North Carolina Coronavirus Updates

It is important to keep up with coronavirus cases so we can keep ourselves and others around us safe and help stop the spread of this fatal virus. 

More positive coronavirus cases are still happening and deaths from the virus are still occurring. As of September 26, there have been 1,759 new coronavirus cases, 31 new deaths and 11 new hospitalizations. There are 206,090 coronavirus cases in North Carolina, and there have been 3,440 deaths. There are currently 914 people in the hospital. There were 40,090 more tests done, which adds up to 2,943,144 completed tests. 

Since the start of the coronavirus scientists have been working to make a vaccine to help with the virus. Johnson & Johnson is working on testing multiple vaccines to try and make one that will work the best. The vaccine made by Johnson & Johnson is currently being tested in candidates to see if it will work and is safe. Most vaccines are in the testing phase and are not ready for the public. So far there is not an approved and safe vaccine, but there are lots being tested and researched. 

Right now North Carolina is in Phase 2.5 of its reopening plan. While in this phase, indoor gatherings are limited to 25 people and outdoor gatherings are limited to 50 people. Phase 2.5 is supposed to expire on Oct. 2, but Governor Roy Cooper has already made some announcements for what moving further into Phase 2 will involve.

On Oct. 2, large venues with a seating capacity of more than 10,000 will be allowed a capacity of 7%. Schools are also moving to their Plan A starting on Sep. 28, which will have staggered returns for all grades. Grades 6-12 will attend starting Oct. 19 but through Plan B, which will separate students into two groups and those groups will only go to school on specific days. More announcements should be made in the following days before North Carolina goes further into Phase 2. 

Happenings with the coronavirus are always changing, but are important to know. To stay updated with coronavirus cases in the state keep up with local news and the North Carolina Coronavirus Dashboard.

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