Ban on TikTok

 The US has been preparing for the China-based app TikTok to be banned on Sunday, September 20.

TikTok is an extremely popular social networking app where users can create content on any topic they please such as dancing, singing, or drawing and then upload it to their account for people to view. TikTok is filled with people of every age, and it gives an opportunity to browse and interact with other people’s creations and videos.

Although TikTok has its good side, according to the Trump Administration, the app is believed to pose a security threat to the people who use it. President Trump said that starting September 20, TikTok will be restricted from anyone new looking to install it, meaning if you already have the app downloaded, you may still use it, but after September 20, anyone wanting to try it out may not download it. It was noticed by the analytics platform Sensor Tower that on Saturday, the day before the ban, they saw a large boost of the amount of installs for this app. 

The U.S. companies Oracle and Walmart stepped up and made a deal with President Trump about buying the app and prohibiting TikTok from being banned. The ban was then pushed back to September 27, one week from the original date.

The Trump administration has been threatening to ban TikTok for months because it allegedly compromises the security of privacy for the users of the app, but with the successful but temporary deal that Oracle and Walmart has made with President Trump, the app is here to stay… for now. 

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