Gender Reveal Party Sparks California Wildfire

A wildfire destroying thousands of acres of land in El Dorado, California, causing people to have to evacuate their homes, was started by a firework at a gender reveal party.

The fire started early Saturday at El Dorado Ranch Park in Yucaipa. Due to the hot and dry weather, it continued to burn overnight, and now burns into its tenth day.

There are many resources being deployed in order to help contain the fire with 1,244 firefighters, 12 dozers, 13 water tenders, six helicopters and four fixed-wing air crafts.

Emergency Services says 200 people were airlifted and taken to the hospital. Officials reported that firefighters will “continue to build a direct line around the fire to limit the spread to the north and west towards Angelus Oaks.”

El Dorado National Forest will temporarily close due to threats of the fire, along with seven other national forests in Central and Southern California.

The El Dorado Fire burns in the San Bernardino National Forest near Oak Glen, Calif., on Sunday, September 6, 2020
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