Fundraising for the Senior Edition

The Scribe staff hasn’t had much to cover in the way of school events lately. Of course, that’s because of the coronavirus, which made March 13 our last day in school surrounded by other students. We’ve been online since then, and we have something we’d like to share with you.

A small staff of seniors began planning a special project in January 2020–the Senior Edition.

Even after school transitioned to online, that staff kept working. I headed the project, and we spent these months in quarantine finalizing articles, gathering images, and designing all the spreads. The Senior Edition totals 48 pages, and it includes throwback photos, a senior mix tape, and senior quotes. Senior quotes hold some level of novelty because they were banned for a year after an incident involving rude quotes.

Our original goal was to sell the Senior Edition as a needed fundraiser for the journalism program, which continues to exist because of invested individuals like our teacher. The pandemic made sales impossible because of payment options, but we’d still like to bring the Senior Edition to print, both as a memento and as a piece of history. Not only are we living history in this time, but printing the Senior Edition would mark the first time we’ve ever printed one of our magazines. For reference, we’ve published six editions of Shofar online.

To make this complimentary gift for the senior class possible, we need your help. We need to raise $740 to publish 250 copies of the Senior Edition, which would be available for pickup at a TBD date (it’s contingent on printing times). Anyone is invited to donate, whether you are family of a senior, a business, or an underclassman wanting to give a gift to your peers.

Those interested in donating should contact me ( and Jeremy Shaner, our teacher ( We have multiple payment options.

Thank you for your support of The CVHS Scribe these four years that I’ve been in the program. I’ve greatly appreciated it, and I’m sure I’m not alone in that.

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